Wednesday 21 October 2009

Ooops! Half term has crept up on me!

Oh dear...half term has crept up on me! I've been so busy in the mini sweatshop fulfilling commissions & trying desperately to make stock for Kensington, that I hadn't realised just how quickly the time was going! My oldest, hubby & 3 kids will be descending this weekend so all mini making will stop for the next week & then I'm really going to go into the "pulling hair out" & panic mode as I realise that I have to get enough made to fill the table on 21st November...thank goodness it's only a 1 day people manage so many shows each month is beyond me..I think I must be too much of a perfectionist for my own good! :-((
I had to share with you a miniature version of an old fashioned English suet pud that I made "real size" last night for the hubby & myself...a Sussex pond pud..if you can find a recipe it's simply fabulous! The lemon is surrounded with brown sugar & cooked in a rich suet..when cooked & cut into the delicious, lemony caramel sauce oozes out...YUM!!

Then, instead of concentrating on making pieces for Kensington, I really fancied trying my hand at basket making agaain..having done so, I had to then fill it with rustic breads!

Somebody please make me get "my nose to the grindstone" because once half term week is over I just know I'm going to be in real panic mode!


Stephanie Kilgast said...

aah Kensington, winter edition, I would so love to come and see it :)
No I'm sure you're going to manage a full table for the fair (but I guess You won't sleep much ...)

Adorable minis as always :)


Linda Carswell said...

Another wonderful piece Linda!! It would be amazing to see all your work at Kensington, but it would make it ever so difficult to choose what to buy....too many wonderful pieces I am sure!
Perhaps I'll get there one day for a look!!


jocelyn teo said...

i totally understand the part about being too much of a perfectionist for your own good. :) get cracking Linda, and start filling the table with your lovely miniatures! :) i gotta heed my own advice now too! :)


Anneke said...

both are wonderfull! the basket with bread makes me hungry, it looks that delicious!

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Bonitas piezas Linda.
En cuanto a la preparación de una muestra de miniaturas o feria siempre es una locura, teniendo la sensación de que jamás llenarás una mesa.
Mucha suerte y feliz feria.