Sunday, 6 June 2010

It's raining today!

I'm usually heard to moan & groan at length when the weather reverts to the normal grey, miserable & wet that we get so much of here in the North East of England, but today I'm so pleased to see the grey skies & rain again! I've got an excuse not to be working in the garden hedge cutting, grass cutting & generally wearing myself into the ground!
It means that at last I can actually get into my workshop & try to catch up on the backlog of work that seems to have grown into a huge mountain over the last week or two! Not to mention that I don't have to spend an hour watering the hundreds of plants that I've put in over the last couple of weeks....they'd better be in full bloom on 21st August for the wedding!
The grandchildren have gone home & all the bed linens have been washed, ironed & put back on for the next visit.....things are awfully quiet round here now so you'd think I'd have managed to get such a lot of work such luck...emails needing replies seemed endless, the house was in desperate need of a clean, people kept "popping in" for coffee but finally, I actually managed to make this little cheese display. I should of course, have been working on the commission backlog, but, hey...tomorrow's another day, surely I'll get it done then?


dale said...

That looks wonderful. :)
Glad you are getting the rain your garden needs, we are waiting on some rain for the same reason.

mr. pineapple man said...

the white/green grapes look so real!

Patty said...

Linda, What an incredible cheese and fruit display! I can almost taste the Stilton!!!