Saturday, 12 March 2011 I've gone Topiary Tree Mad!

After actually  finishing that poor neglected pink UFO the other day, I've gone absolutely topiary tree mad...just send the men with the straight-jackets round now!

Here's a licorice allsorts tree!

& I thought making all those marshmallows was a pain......try almost 2 days of making licorice allsorts! Totally NUTS!


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'd never heard the term "licorice allsorts", so I just looked it up - it's interesting, how they came to be created.

Nice work!

Pamela ~

::: PetitPlat Food Art ::: said...

yaaay for candy trees!!

Garden of Miniatures said...

Oh,this is Haribo Colorado in Germany!Can't buy this,it's the favourit sweet of my little daughter and I think she will try to eat it :-)!Very funny idea Linda !!!Hugs,Jeannette

Janice said...

I love it! Yum,yum!!

linsminis said...

LOL Jeannette! My daughter would want to eat it too & she's 26!! Oh don't know what you're missing they are yummy! Thanks guys...pleased you like it!

Ascension said...

Son deliciosas........perfectas!!!!
besitos ascension