Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Oh well...Spring didn't last long!

I've been pretty quiet recently...the weather has been so nice (for a change) that I just had to be outside cutting grass & digging over the veggie garden...wish I hadn't done that...I think I used muscles I'd forgotten I had ....I ache absolutely everywhere!
After a day digging & cutting what could be better than a glass of wine & some cheese?.......


Guess what...it's back to winter here...grey, damp & freezing! Good for my aching body though! LOL


Anonymous said...

What a lovely, realistic display ~ very nice work.

Pamela ~

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Wish I could create that!

Linda Carswell said...

I always love seeing your new creations....this of course is another masterpiece!!


dale's dreams said...

Such a lovely platter! It looks wonderful. :)

Hope you are not aching for too long! :)

Sell WoW Account said...

It seemed real, didn't think it's a mini creation. It's beautiful!

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