Saturday, 3 July 2010

summer has been here!

For the last week or so we have actually had summer here so there was NO way I could be in my mini sweatshop while the sun was doesn't do that too often here I had to make the most of it.

I have been power hosing for England, pruning dead wood out of roses, cutting name it, I've been doing it....for the more squeamish amongst you STOP reading now! I even managed to shoot one of the damned foxes that have been decimating my chooks........before anyone gets upset, you have to see what a fox does with hens before you condemn......they kill for the fun of it & leave headless corpses lying around...they ARE NOT nice cuddly animals..they are disease ridden vermin who are natural killers & the sooner we can be rid of them the better as far as I am concerned!

Minis emerging from my sweatshop have been very thin on the ground recently but I have actually managed to make this little tidbit tray in which I've mixed sweet & savoury...I do get so very sick of always making sweet things...but it seems that they are what people want!


Ascension said...

Tienes razon, matan por matar.
Seguro que las pobres gallinas opinan como nosotras.
La bandejita con las galletas, te ha quedado francamente real, me encanta.
besitos ascension

Debbie said...

We've had the same problem here with Foxes Lin. One came under the gate in front of me and killed one of my chooks before I could do anything.
They've had over 40 Chickens and all but one of my Ducks. I'm not restocking until we've built a Fox Proof Run.
Lovely Miniature display Lyn xxxx

Patty said...

Linda, The tray is wonderful!!! Everything looks so delicious! Good that you got the fox!!!

linsminis said...

Debbie.....I don't think there's anything than can be called fox proof..they are wily b*****ds & the fact that they are now so brazen, thanks to those people who feed them , that they strike at any time of day...electric fences or not! Sadly, Patty, for that 1 that I got there will be another 10 to take it's place!

Mags Cassidy said...

They are not content with chooks now, are they? The recent events in the news have been horrifying!
Great plate of goodies, Lin.

Merry Jingle said...

The tray looks really nice :) And good shooting! We have foxes here, but as we don't have any small animals, there's no problem with them. The only thing that we're fearing is that the lynxes have been coming closer and closer to the houses lately and there's some wolves app. 15 km from our place, not good for the horses.

Minnie Kitchen said...

love the sweets!

Norma said...

You have my sympathy re the fox, we had a ferret making nightly raids on our henhouse in NZ some years ago. They were killing multiple hens but not eating any of them. Ferrets are not native to NZ but were introduced many years ago with the idea of creating a fur industry. They have been a huge problem for native wildlife such as kiwis, there are no native predators of this kind so ground dwelling creatures are so vulnerable.

Anyway, enough of the death and destruction and onto a sweeter note. The platter is lovely - I've been missing out on new post notifications from you blog for a while it seems as there are several here to catch up on - it's not specific to your blog either, and nor am I the only one having this problem.

julie campbell said...

Lovely platter Lin, we did indeed have summer LOLbut it seems to have gone,at least here in gateshead where its drizzly and windy and I can sculpt :0)
We had a fox peering in our patio doors last year ! seems to be a lot of the urban type around here and its a worry as I keep rabbits and have 3 cats who think they are lions but I have a feeling they wouldnt fare well in fight with a fox.
julie xxx

Make It Small said...

I could do with a gun here. There are so many feral cats they make my poor little puss cat's life a misery. She has to be shut in at night otherwise they come in and attack her. Glad you got the fox but there are so many, a constant problem for you.
Another little delight from you! I prefer sweet things because they are pretty and I'm doing a tea shop.
I bet my 'sweat shop' is sweatier than yours! We had 39 degrees today! Gill xx