Thursday, 16 July 2009

Lobster last!

How many months ago now did I say that I had the urge to not only eat, but also make a miniature version of a lobster thermidor..too many to remember!
As I've just taken on a commission to make loads of the dreaded cupcakes along with donuts, I needed to make something savoury before I know how I just LOVE cupcakes, real or mini!! So here it is at last! A lobster thermidor with lettuce & quarterd tomato!

Now I'm hoping that I might get to eat the "real" thing tomorrow as it's my 30something wedding anniversary...I gave up counting on the 25th anniversary...just think I could have murdered my good old hubby & been "out" by now! :-)). Sadly though, I think the only lobster I'll be seeing is the polymer clay one as there's very little chance of the hubby remembering never mind taking me anywhere to celebrate!! Oh well!


dora said...

!Que ricos! Están autenticos. Felicidades

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Best wishes on your anniversary ... hubbies are like that :( ... but they ARE good for companionship :)

Linda Carswell said...

30 years!!! It is a very long time isn't it....we celebrate 30 years next...(along with my 50th b'day) OUCH!!
I hope to do some celebrating in Paris next year!!!!
I'm sure your hubby will remember and surprise you with something wonderful...!!!

Regards, Linda x

p.s....if all else fails, buy yourself something 'really' nice...that always works for me.

moti said...

gorgeous work!!!!!!!, it looks delicious!!!!!!!
mini hugs!!!!!


Stéphanie Kilgast said...

Ooh Happy Wedding Anniversary !

Don't wait for your hubby, just tell him "I want to got out and eat lobster". I always say what I want with my BF :D far easier, and at least I get what I want. Men can be sooo not intuitive ><

The miniature version is gorgeous, I think it looks better than the older versions (is that possible?? lol!)


linsminis said...

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes..apparently it's 35 years, some kind of landmark! Coral, I'm informed by my sister-in-law who knows all that sort of thing!! Linda...Paris how wonderful & no, no special surprise other than he actually got a card (thanks to the same sister-in-law reminding him!!)'ve started the right way with your BF...for me it's a bit of a waste of time trying to change a man after 35 years! :-))
You're right Sumaiya..hubbies can sometimes be good company :-))

kimsminiatures said...

Happy Anniversary. 35 thats wonderful. So is your lobster! Mini hugs!

The Carolina Quilter said...

Happy Anniversary! It was our 24th in June. I'm hoping to keep hubby forever. As for lobster (is it Termidore?), I've never even seen the real thing and probably never will get to actually eat it! But this is a beautiful presentation and even to my lobster-Termidore-deprived-eye-and-pallette, I can tell you have done a smashing job!