Sunday, 12 July 2009


Things are so very quiet round here now that my youngest, Kim & her boyfriend Dr Tom, have left to travel back to the UAE so I've been keeping myself occupied in my veggie garden. After the disastrous summer (or rather, lack of summer!) last year when absolutely everything, except the broad beans, drowned, this year everything is looking so good that I can't wait for the time to pick all the goodies!
I'm so desperate for the beetroot to be ready that I disappeared into my mini sweatshop last night & to make up for lack of the "real" thing I made myself a bunch of beetroot......

....& then decided to make a representation of my all time favourite way of eating beetroot...pickled in deliciously aromatic pickling spices!!...Roll on harvest time!


Debbie said...

I also love Beetroot Lin, but no vinegar on mine. I used to love eating these warm straight from the Pot when my Nan cooked them when I was little. It used to fascinate me how it always turned my wee Red..LOL

The Carolina Quilter said...

Okay, new goal: To own some of your wonderful pieces! I'll check out your Etsy shop when I have some extra bucks (if ever!).


linsminis said...

Debbie..I just love beetroot any old how..particularly in a white sauce! When my good old hubby played rugby, one Sunday he really panicked as he had been kicked in the kidneys in the game on the Saturday before & when he went to the loo to rid himself of all the beer consumed following the win he thought he was dying & there was blood in his urine...yes!! you guessed it he'd had beetroot as a veg after the game on Saturday!!
Jody...try eBay.. prices there are often a "real" bargain!! :-))