Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Just a few veggies!

Well, Christmas & New Year seem a distant memory now.....not that I'm complaining....it all goes by in a bit of a blur for me (& not because I'm in a permanent alcoholic haze either!) so it's always good to get back to normal, although the house always seems too quiet when the family all leave!

Of course in typical UK fashion, we didn't have any snow at Christmas, just rain, rain & yet more rain, but we have it now...just a little bit late!

I should be thinking about making Valentine & Easter pieces but instead, I'm thinking of summer & harvesting all these lovely fresh veg!  Yeah, right, I should be so lucky....last year my poor vegetable garden was more like a swimming pool the whole summer & to venture into it at all, I almost needed flippers....even the runner beans that usually grow through anything, failed miserably. I think I was lucky to get around a dozen beans from 6 plants! So these little offerings are some of what I hope I'll be harvesting this year.........


Catherine said...

I hope your 2014 crop will be as beautiful as the miniature version you have made. The basket of veg is gorgeous!

minwks said...

Greetings, Your vegetables are wonderful!

Very frustrating about your full-size garden - so much less control over mother nature!

I am just south of Vancouver, BC Canada and I think we have similiar conditions - rain, rain and more rain and such dull dark days!

Last year as an experiement for this spring I planted and marked where I had put in pea seeds to see if they would survive and come up earlier than if I planted on St. Patricks Day - March 17.

I saw them peeking through last week but with snow forecast I raced out and put mulch on top... now hoping they will survive in the raised beds.

Wishes for better weather for growing 2013!
Regards Janine

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

FANTASTIC work Lin! They look so real-like!
On spot coloring and details!

miraclechicken said...

Incredible!!!!! Perfect- and summer posts are great any time of year!!! Especially during miserable winter....Hope you have a big success
with this years garden, until then your mini garden is prospering :)

Jane Smith said...

Your work is always so inspiring! And beautiful ;)

Dale Fluty said...

Stunning and inspirational! Beautiful.

carmen said...

que buen trabajo!

Garden of Miniatures said...

That's just about the limit ! Jeannette xxx

Jackie said...

I love fennel, and your mini fennel is stunningly real! Another beautiful job!


maria l. said...

Tu trabajo es una maravilla