Thursday, 20 October 2011

It's SO cold here!

Oh dear...I've come back to earth with a pretty big bump over the last couple of days! I left lovely blue skies & sun with temperatures in the high 30's C to find myself with a maximum of 12 degrees C...brr..I had to buy a quilted jacket to keep me warm & find my fur lined boots to replace my flip flops.....not pleasant!
Not a lot of mini making went on over in the desert, but I did manage to weave 10 baskets while waiting for my lazy daughters to get out of their beds each morning! Here's one of them filled with some shopping.....cheese, baguettes, a squash & fruit!


Patty said...

Linda, Welcome back! It must be quite the shock with the weather change! I LOVE your basket. It came out so wonderful. You have really become the best basket maker. The breads look great!!!

Susanne said...

Had the same experience from Rome to Demark in only just 2 ½ hours. Lovely baksets and breads!
Love, Susanne

Janice said...

I know how you feel Linda. It is pretty cold here to BUT the sun is still shining!!
Great work as always.

Cris Bottaro said...

This basket is perfect, wonderful breads, all so beautiful and real. congratulations and kissing in the heart.

Make It Small said...

Welcome home, at least you got to make some really great baskets. We've got rain today for the first time! Gill x

Eliana said...

The basket is wonderful!