Sunday, 9 January 2011

Romance & "all that"!

Romance is in the air early in my house....I might add not on the hubby's side...I think I'm married to the most unromantic man on the planet! Does anyone get treated to this sort of thing on Valentine's Day....if so, I'd like to hear about it because I just don't believe it happens outside of novels & the cinema!


After Dark Minatures said...

Well I cant say it does I'm afraid, err well at least not so far anyway lol!

So its a nope from me :p

I think if such a man is in existence, then he is either married to the happiest woman alive or or being chased by lots of screaming girls lol!

Without being sexist I find that most women are romantic and we just want men to be and that's probably closer to the reality of things sadly.

Anyway no matter what, your heart cake looks very tasty though, I love the sugar on top, very realistic looking.

You could just make yourself a real one and then eat it under the covers all to yourself hee hee!

rosanna said...

Oh well, I must admit that hubby is romantic. More than I am. He is the one who has the occasional idea of bringig breakfast in bed and he is the one who proposes the 1 day trip to just celebrate being together.
Sometimes I feel he is even too much. Then I realized that I'm lucky :o) But he has never gifted me with such a beautiful, yummy cake. Rosanna

linsminis said...

Oh are soooo lucky! Eve...I'm so pleased I'm not the only one stuck with a neolithic man! :-))

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Mine's no romantic either...but he's a very good man, and I love him to bits :D

Make It Small said...

Lovely setting as usual and that looks like my kind of fizzy pop too!
Sorry to say I won't be brought anything like this on Valentine's Day either..... Gill x

MiniLover said...

Mine's a good man but romance is not on his radar. He's a Scot....think that's it?

PS Is this piece still available? Might as well buy my own valentine!