Saturday, 13 June 2009

2 Pyramids!

I'm ashamed to say that not too much has been going on in my particular mini workshop recently.
My excuse is that it's beginning to feel like summer at last here & the call of the pruning, veg gardening, grass cutting & generally enjoying the sun (as you know, I'm a dedicated sun worshipper, believing the vitamin D I get from being out in it far outweighs any PC worries over skin cancer!!)has kept me outside instead.
Apart from completing several run of the mill orders, I did manage to put together this little poached pear pyramid. One of the commissions involved some skinned pears so, as usual, while working on the pears, I went off at a tangent & decided I fancied eating one of would probably have been much quicker to have made the "real" thing

Poached Pear & Chocolate Pyramid

Then there were the mussels, sitting hour after hour making these little beasts & I definitely needed a little escape into creativity!

A Pyramid Of Fresh Mussels On Ice.

I hope I can force muyself back into the mini-making mode very soon as I have a huge workbench of UFO's sitting looking at me every time I put my nose in there!


Debbie said...

Fantastic Linda..
I love Mussels in real life and yours look wonderful. So do the Pears with all that yummy chocolate..

WendiesMiniWorld said...

They are stunning! , so realistic. You're not alone with the mini-ing neglect, I too am guilty of the same sin, I'm just too easily distracted in this lovely weather!

Stéphanie Kilgast said...

I'm neglecting minis but for a good 'cause', finishing my school year, oh and also doing some earring hooks (so much fun :D)

At least you did 2 new things! I'm just grabbing minis which are meant for the SIMP and put them in my shop hahaha!


linsminis said...

Good luck for both SIMP & any end of school year exams Stephanie! That's the good bit about making stock for a show, you have a supply of pieces for your shop!!

rosanna said...

Hi Linda, I have given you an award if you want to take it. Rosanna